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It was my pleasure, when Ildikó Budea contacted me with the idea to hold a staff party for the employees of the Hotel Beke -reopened 25 years ago in Continental Hotel Budapest.


I had similar cases in my life already, when the staff party of the 20th anniversary of Forum Hotel was held in Gerbaud and the 25th one in Gundel Restaurant. We have succeeded to find a proper date when our Hungaria Room was available and this date was appropriate for the participants too.


This is how we have selected the date of Friday, 15th October. Approximately 120 former  and current employees showed up on the event. Most of them I knew quite well since we had been working together in the same - HungarHotels - company. Gabor Jakab, Director of Sales welcomed the guests in the name of Continental Hotel Budapest since he used to work in Beke Hotel as a bell boy. Gabor Bencze the leader of the renovation and the General Manager for years cited the golden epoch of the hotel.  The event was a prestige event for us and as per the feedbacks and from the thank-you letters it turned out that the event went well and the guests, the former colleagues left Continental Hotel Budapest with nice memories.


The images made on the event can be downloaded by clicking on  Béke25.


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